Racehorses out on the track at dawn, Los Alamitos. Associated Press image.

A new start for thoroughbreds: Manitoba non-profit helps old racehorses find homes

TORONTO — For three thoroughbreds these days, the backstretch is a quiet acreage east of Winnipeg.

But there was a time when the track was home.

The fast life of a racehorse is also generally a short one. Many thoroughbreds start racing around two years old, and are retired a few short years later.

The thoroughbreds, selling anywhere from $800 to $5,000, often become trail horses, show jumpers or hunters.

The website lists horses who have raced at the Assiniboia Downs, but also will host listings from private owners who are looking to sell their thoroughbred.

Keedian has a personal connection to the work. Her own horse, Wesley, used be a racehorse.

“He raced under the name Western Performer,” she said. “And he ended his race career around four or five, I believe, which is the normal time for most race horses to end their career.”

With their racing years behind them, the Final Furlong has been able to pair the thoroughbreds with new owners. Read more »

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