Diamond Complex wild horses. BLM image.

Wild horse advocates post video in protest of Central Nevada roundup

This video has no sound; narration. The images speak for themselves. Americans, this is your taxpayer dollars at work. Despicable.

Read the story that goes with the above video at Channel 8, Las Vegas News Now »

The BLM states:

The current population estimate, which includes the 2020 foals, puts the HMA at approximately 712 percent of the established AML which is 210 wild horses for the Complex. The Diamond Complex is located directly north of Eureka, Nevada in Eureka, White Pine and Elko Counties.


The BLM is investigating the deaths of five wild horses with symptoms of colic, gastric distention and bloating.

More from the BLM here »

Is there a solution?

Yes. The Fund for Horses have a viable, surefire solution to the wild horse and burro situation. It is simple and will not cost a lot to do.

The Fund for Horses Wild Horse & Burro Plan was presented and rejected during the Obama Administration by his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar — in spite of the fact that the organization had gained the seal of approval in writing of every U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative from the States where wild horses and burros exist.

The Fund for Horses subsequently sought the support of the current Administration, also with disappointing results, and await to see what the upcoming election brings.

Fund for Horses Logo

Featured Image: Bureau of Land Management

2 thoughts on “Wild horse advocates post video in protest of Central Nevada roundup”

  1. When Representative quit listening to the People there is no Voice in Congress. Representative turn their hearing off, like Senators John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Roger Williams. Their response is no response. They care little to the suffering and inhumane treatment of the People’s Mustangs.


  2. How does 22 horses with pre existing condition manage to keep up with herd being run with helicopter then die. I say bulls—t


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