Killarney Station where at least 30 horses were brutally shot and killed. They had been hired to shoot and kill feral animals.

30 horses at Killarney Station in N Territory shot dead

THE DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA reports that 30 prized horses have been ‘accidentally slaughtered’ on a remote cattle station in the Northern Territory by members of a shooters club.

Killarney Station manager Jamie Laurisson reported 30 of their horses, which were worth half-a-million dollars, were savagely killed.

The two sports shooters entered the property without permission and went on a shooting spree.

Mr Laurisson described the shooter’s acts as ‘mind-numbingly stupid’ stating they did not have permission to be there. 

‘The horses were not shot in a humane or professional manner as one would expect from members of a shooters’ association,’ he told NT News.

“Our horses play a massive role in what we do, they’re part of our whole identity at Killarney, they’re our mates.

“The relationships that we built with the horses that we’ve lost can never be brought back, they were part of our family”.

The shooters who killed the horses had been engaged to shoot feral animals in the area.

Killarney Station in the Northern Territory is twice the size of Adelaide.

Featured image: (ABC News: Dan Fitzgerald)

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5 thoughts on “30 horses at Killarney Station in N Territory shot dead”

  1. I am always shocked that supposed humans can do such cruelty- as the above comment said- they have dark souls- what will they delight in killing next? what will the police do ?


  2. Unprintable words erupt in my mind at times when I learn of anyone who knowingly and gleefully participates in any form of animal cruelty. Sadly, such words are repeated in my mind far too often. No mercy.

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  3. Thank you Tuesday’s Horse for exposing this sickening killing spree of innocent horses.
    It’s the first I’d heard about it.
    I find it odd that these so-called professional shooters didn’t know that they were on Killarney Station.
    I just cannot imagine the horror that these horses suffered.
    I hope that the police do a thorough investigation and that the mongrel bastards are severely dealt with.
    I feel so sick about this.

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    1. We were so appalled when we learned of it. Firstly, the suffering and death of these innocent of horses of course. But that there are humans who are not only capable but also think it is entertaining, fun to terrorize and kill the innocent. They are dark souls.

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