Wild horse freed from chains seems to say thanks with a kiss. Animal Channel.

Wild horse unchained: rescue sealed with a kiss


It’s not often that you see wild horses anymore. Sadly, not many of them still exist today and face extinction or total loss of habitat due to humans and suburban expansion. And the wild horses around the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine are, unfortunately, all too familiar with that.

Some people in the area believe that the horse population is actually growing and disturbing the ecosystem – tragically, they are often mistreated or hunted to then be slaughtered.

The local people of Letea are certainly not fond of the horses and the people mostly view them as a meat source or a nuisance. Sometimes, the traps that they use for these horses causes an extremely slow and painful death.

Ovidiu Rosu is a vet for Four Paws and noticed a horse with a horrific chain trap around his front hooves.

Given that the two front legs were chained together, it rendered the horse almost completely immobile. In addition to the terrible pain that the horse was in, they were also terrified and panicked. Not to mention, given that the horse was wild, it was not very keen to have a human approaching.

The horse’s front legs and hooves were chained so tightly that there was no way he could have moved or tried to escape. All he could possibly do is hop, painfully, at best. The people who set these traps chain them like this so that it makes them easier to kill and they can’t run away. Sometimes, though, the horses are left in the chains for days on end.

After examining the horse, Ovidiu grabbed a pair of pliers and began to loosen up the wires around the horse’s feet. You can see in the video just how tightly the hooves were bound together.

Before the horse goes back to roaming free, he does his best to ‘thank’ the rescuer for his efforts. In fact, the horse even seems to go in for a little kiss!


Thank goodness, however, that there are still many good people on the planet and in this region. People who know that the horses are being mistreated and want to do something about it – like the Four Paws Animal Rescue and Care team.

Ashley Brewer is a contributor at Animal Channel.

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1 thought on “Wild horse unchained: rescue sealed with a kiss”

  1. Horrible to see the cruelty.
    Beautiful to see that kind man and his assistant get the chains off this gorgeous horse who knew man had done a wonderful thing for him.

    Liked by 1 person

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