Horses being tortured and killed in France could be due to some ritual or internet challenge (representational image). Reuters.

France investigating 150 attacks on horses as speculation turns to Satanic cultism


Who is mutilating France’s horses?

France is facing an unprecedented wave of attacks on horses across the country that has left investigators baffled and farmers anxious about the safety of their animals.

More than 150 horses have been mutilated in a series of seemingly random incidents. The attacks range from simple lacerations to the removal of an eye or other parts. With no particular pattern, speculation has ranged from a single attacker with unknown motivations to a satanic cult performing some kind of ceremony.

Joint investigations are being conducted by several agencies, including local and national police, the central territorial intelligence service (SCRT), and the central office for the fight against environmental damage and to public health (Oclaesp), according to French newspaper Liberation.

As of early September, 153 investigations into such attacks were ongoing, according to France Bleu radio. The attacks have been reported in 20 departments, and include more than 30 this summer.

We say ….

We brought this unfolding story to you earlier. Then the story went quiet. We thought perhaps the French were on to something and couldn’t publicize it until they had caught and dealt with the perpetrators. But sadly, no. They remain clueless.

In earlier reports, they reported 30 horses had been killed or mutilated. That number has tragically jumped to 150 attacks. Someone, somewhere must have seen or knows something.

As the number of killings and mutilations jump, a few are speculating it may be some sort of macabre internet challenge.

See France: Up to 30 horses killed, mutilated; Tuesday’s Horse; 30 Aug 20

See also Witchcraft panic grips France as police link horse mutilations to Satanic Cult rituals; suspect released, Tuesday’s Horse; 08 Sept 20

Featured Image: REUTERS. Horses are being tortured and killed in France that could be due to some ritual or internet challenge. (representational image)

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