Mustangs & Renegades — Premiere Party tonight on YouTube

“Mustangs & Renegades”, an episodic series, is having a Premiere Party tonight, October 1st, at 8 pm Eastern Time on YouTube.



Mustangs & Renegades is the true account of filmmaker James Anaquad Kleinert as he reveals the roundup and removal of America’s Wild Horses — a direct consequence of the Federal Government selling off of Public Lands to the Extractive Industries. 

As James investigates the Fracking and Uranium Mining deals that are devastating his beloved community, his First Amendment Rights are violated — and we discover that our own Constitutional, Civil and Environmental Rights are being systematically stripped away for the sake of Profit. 

This journey climaxes with James’ victory in Federal Court, setting precedent in Freedom of Information Act Law, and segues into a vision of a Green Regenerative Economy where the rights of all are protected. 

This is an epic and honest tale of activism, passion, perseverance and transformation that touches the heart of the American West. 

The cinematography captures the majestic Western landscapes the wild horses call home, transporting the viewer into the heart and soul of what’s left of the last wild places in the American West.

“Mustangs & Renegades”, Premiere Party, October 1st, 2020, at 8 pm ET on YouTube.

Please share far and wide!

• Learn more at The American Wild Horse.

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