California Assemblymembers urge U.S. Govt to place a moratorium on wild horse roundups

California Assembly Joint Resolution 5

Assemblymember Marie Waldron, R-Escondido, has joined forces with Assemblymember Luz Rivas, D-Arleta, in urging the federal government to place a moratorium on the roundup of the state’s free-roaming horses and burros, giving CA AJR5 bipartisan support.

The measure states in part:

Present plans of the BLM and USFS only continue to excessively reduce the wild horse and burro herds to illegally low, genetically nonviable levels, allowing other interests, particularly livestock, to consume the greater quantities of forage and water, thus abrogating their responsibility to ensure that the resources of the legal wild horse and burro herd areas and territories are “principally devoted” to these national heritage species as fully accords with the true meaning and intent of the federal Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.

Waldron is serving as the minority leader of the California State Assembly.

Calling all wild horse loving Californians

Read the Bill’s latest markup here »

Find your California State legislator by your address »

Contact your California State legislator at and ask for their support and vote on CA AJR5.

How many are left?

Reliable numbers on just how many wild horses (and burros) live on any U.S. public lands are challenging to come by, California included.

• The Bureau of Land Management states:

BLM California manages 21 wild horse and burro herd management areas on approximately 2.5 million acres. The combined appropriate management level for all HMAs in the state is 2,200 animals.

• The American Wild Horse Preservation states:

Roughly 73,000 wild horses and burros, including almost 9,000 on 2.5 million acres in California, currently roam public lands, with the population increasing up to 20 percent each year, BLM numbers show.

So it looks like the BLM want only 2,200 “animals” of the estimated 9,000 that may be possibly out there. Hmmm.

List of all California HMAs with map at the BLM website »

BLM California Gathers and Removals »

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