Drag racing horses in Florida


While horse racing is obviously nothing new, racing them down a highway isn’t usually where you find them. But if you’re on the east coast of the Sunshine State, where horse racing is especially popular at casinos, you may see owners training or racing their horses on the roads. As you can imagine this draws a crowd and turns into an event all its own.

The people aren’t actually on the horses for these races. “Drivers” sit in two-wheeled open-floor carts with their feet perched on either side and the cart is hooked up to the saddle.



So, what do you make of it, horse lovers?

Note: We know the images used here are from Ireland; see one allegedly from Florida here.

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7 thoughts on “Drag racing horses in Florida”

    1. No. This is the image which was filed with the original story. So, this image only illustrates what it looks like. There are no images of drag racing in Florida, or anywhere else in the U.S., that we can find.


  1. The concussion of hitting pavement at speed is very hard on horses. People who want to crack down on legitimate flat racing should look at all of these horrendous backyard ( but obviously sanctioned) events. Some of the western rodeo and extra rodeo events are even more horrendous. Peta should spend some time and energy on these.


  2. Horse racing of any kind is an antiquated ideology for gamblers making two dollar bets with zero regard for the horses. The industry is inherently corrupt and the horses are always at risk of painful suffering and death. If you get your rocks off by gambling, sit at a Blackjack table, roll the dice in Roulette or bet on any sport where mankind are the only ones in the game.
    You BET – They DIE 🚫🏇🏽🚫


  3. oh my!! the joints and hooves are not developed for racing on asphalt.-dirt roads, lanes would be allright.I thought Ireland was a horse-oriented country-apparently not.

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  4. I’ve see this video before–it’s NOT in florida. It’s in Ireland. Either way, I don’t condone racing horses down the road, pounding their feet and joints on asphalt.


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