Electric carriages in Mérida, a serious project to stand against animal cruelty

The Yucatan Times reports:

Mèrida, Yucatan (May 3, 2021) — This Saturday, May 1st the PAN candidate for mayor, Renán Barrera Concha; presented in the park of “La Ermita” a model that could replace animal traction carriages.

The project to replace with electric calesas those that are drawn by horses in Mérida is serious. Barrera Concha said that he would seek to modify the regulations for the migration of certain transport systems such as the traditional carriages so no animals are affected.

He also said that he would give credits and support to help carriage drivers in this transition to continue their activity without any controversy over domestic animals.

How much will it cost to replace them?

The support proposal is focused on the main concern of the drivers, which is the high price of the batteries used by the electric units, which, according to some sources, is around 100,000 pesos.

At Motul municipality, a type of carriage without animal traction has been operating since the middle of last year; it is not electric, but run by motorcycle gasoline engine adalpted by a man from Motul.

What the drivers say

The horse drawn carriage drivers state that they “ensure that the horses in their vehicles do not suffer abuse, on the contrary, they keep them well-fed and with medical care because they are their source of income, and the animals are under constant monitoring by veterinarians from the UADY.”

Isn’t that what they always say?

Already gone

The Mexico News Daily reports:

Motul, Yucatán (October 14, 2020) — Back in August 2020, Motul, Yucatán, has become the second city in the state to replace horse-drawn carriages with motorized ones following pressure by animal rights activists to abandon the practice, citing animal cruelty.

Mérida was the first city in the state to begin using gas-powered buggies, which it did in November 2019.

Horse-drawn carriages have also been banned in Cozumel, Quintana Roo, since May as the practice violates the state’s animal welfare laws. They were also banned in Acapulco, Guerrero, this spring after the state decided to begin enforcing animal welfare laws on the books since 2014.

Garbage collection

Ecatepec bans use of animal-drawn carts for garbage collection

The Mexico News Daily reports:

Ecatepec, Mexico (February 8, 2021) — A new law went into effect in Ecatepec, México state, on the weekend ruling that horses and donkeys can no longer be used to haul trash, a bid to end a longstanding practice that continues to this day even in some urban neighborhoods.

Mayor Fernando Vilches Contreras said the new law aims to end the exploitation and abuse of horses and donkeys. Ecatepec will have zero tolerance for those attempting to flout the new law, which prohibits using animals to haul or carry waste of any kind. Waste hauled by animals to Ecatepec’s landfill will not be accepted, he said.

At home before the scourge

Before the COVID scourge hit, The Fund for Horses were dialoguing with groups and individuals with a wide range of ideas on how we could not only just rescue carriage horses in the United States from their harsh, dismal, abusive and often heartbreaking circumstances, but also arrange a retirement for them once saved. We all agreed we did not want to try to find the horses new jobs when at long last they had been liberated. Instead we would find a way to retire them for life by creating a carriage horse sanctuary or sanctuaries.

We also agreed that it would aid our efforts greatly if we assisted the owners with transitioning from horse drawn carriages to tourist carriage powered by another means. This should neither be costly nor time intensive.

City governments would also need to be involved regarding any regulatory requirements.

We find what Mexico are doing for carriage horses (as well as garbage collection horses) inspiring and so very, very welcome to hear.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them below, or contact us here privately. Thank you everyone.

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