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Is ending horse racing within our power?

In an article entitled “My Turn: It’s not all mint juleps and fancy hats“, for the May 5, 2021 Opinion Column of the Concord Monitor, Emily Murphy writes:

Ending horse racing is within our power. Look to greyhound racing for proof of that. Only three states now have greyhound tracks. After a long awareness campaign and the changing of laws by animal rights activists, we have realized that racing dogs for monetary profit is not okay, and the same is true of horses.

Do you agree? Would you get involved and take part in such an effort?

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2 thoughts on “Is ending horse racing within our power?”

  1. Thank you Mary. We agree.

    After some initial discussion on how to go about it, we agreed that we should tackle it State by State via the Governor’s Office. There is one receptive Governor already and two on the fence who could be wooed if we can get enough citizen support. We have a meetings next week. Will let you know.


  2. so pleased to see you are considering taking on this issue! There are lots of ways to satisfy the gambling itch that do not jeopardize the lives of horses to line the pockets of those already rich.

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