Will Baffert get away unscathed…again?

Twitter is alive with Baffert tweets. No surprise there. Not much support out there for him in or out of horse racing this time around. Perhaps horse racing is at long last finally fed up with Baffert and the damage he has done. Not that he stands alone in that department. There are plenty of cheaters and dopers in American horse racing. But Baffert certainly takes the prize in that department, and an attention magnet to boot. By the way, the expression on Medina Spirit’s face (top) is remarkably fitting.

Try not to shake your head when you read below. Bet you can’t.

The ointment did it

» Read Baffert’s Statement “Anti-Fungal Ointment Could Be Source Of Betamethasone Positive In Medina Spirit” at The Paulick Report. What imagination! He is amazing.

Arrogance thy name is Baffert

And the beat goes on . . . .

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Featured Image: Bob Baffert and Medina Spirit, the morning after the May 1 Kentucky Derby. By NELLY CARLSON

2 thoughts on “Will Baffert get away unscathed…again?”

  1. I just shook my head when I read about the ointment. After several days, right out of the blue – Eureka – it was the ointment. How convenient all these “contaminants” are. Was Gamine, who tested positive for the same last year, using this ointment? When in doubt, blame someone else and above all else, refuse to take responsibility. It seems like the last act of a desperate man who doesn’t want to be accountable for his actions. You are running out of strikes Teflon Bobby – be thankful it isn’t baseball.

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    1. Exactly, Jane.

      And I just cannot forget the highly questionable death of the magnificent horse, Arrogate who was under this creep’s “care”.


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