Blah blah Baffy

Blah Blah Baffy you’re so full of bull
Yessir, yessir, three bags full
One for your cheating ways
Another for your tricks
One for all the cover ups
So nothing ever sticks.

Tuesday’s Horse

Have a relaxing weekend.

PS In case you are having trouble reading it on your phone, we made it into an image

Updated Friday, 14th May, 5.54 pm EST

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Featured Image: USA Today

3 thoughts on “Blah blah Baffy”

  1. I would like to see that smug mug surrounded by bars….while he makes a new fashion statement in orange….or a retro fashion statement – bring back the stripes. When I think of the horses still at risk my blood runs cold.


    1. He makes our blood run cold too Alexis. Shockingly he is given a free pass to do whatever he wants. Small wonder he feels so entitled. But that still does not shed light on how he can commit the pain, suffering and other evils against horses with the slightest bit of remorse. That makes him a monster to us. And all the other trainers and their staff who abuse horses.


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