Take action for wild horses

Sign on to the prospective letter to President Biden requesting a moratorium on wild horse gathers/roundups. The letter, signatures, and full list of co-signers will be transmitted directly to President Biden. Interior Secretary Haaland will also be sent the letter. Use link below.

Letter: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdqgKnOm6YuBh78KCDvrX7MuaFXeQEHxw6b7UNVRGcUiD2NLg/viewform

Thank you so much everyone. Please share!

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2 thoughts on “Take action for wild horses”

  1. I have 5 mustangs I pulled off the Auction lot in Colorado. These horses were 1 yrs. old. They went from CA and NV Corrals to WY and MT Corrals to a Fairground in the Dakotas where they were “adopted” through the Adoption Incentive Program to a Tim and Sandy Tiede 4 for Tim, 4 for Sandy and 2-4 for others connected with them. Tim and Sandy run a rodeo in which a person conveyed they used them.

    One year later, after they got their thousands of dollars, they dumped them within a month at the Philips Livestock Auction yard to get more money and then returned to the BLM to get more mustangs through the Adoption Incentive Program. This shows the BLM did not investigate to where these horses were going . Also I thought only one family member is able to take 4 and only once can you get AIP horses.

    To me the BLM just wants to brag how many horses they unloaded. They don’t appear to care about the horses themselves. Our government in collusion with the ranchers and frackers on our public lands are both self-serving…pander to the majority so that you can hold your job and get reelected, don’t do what is right for animals…meanwhile you and I as taxpayers get screwed as well, paying ranchers for helicopter
    gathers and removals, paying ranchers for transport, paying ranchers for corral and pasture holding facilities, paying Adoption Incentive Program crooks, paying ranchers for the feed for the off range handling of horses.

    In short, the Wild Horse and Burro Program is a total evil doing for our wild horses and burros and for us Americans.


  2. People ABSOLUTELY need to add a plea for arrest and prosecution of the hundreds of people that took advantage of the Trump “$1000 adoption payment” who then flipped those “adopted” horses to kill buyers. Please see the New York Times investigation report, published in mainstream media news aggregates and on the NYT website (which allows only 5 free reads before hitting the paywall, FYI). In addition to the widespread fraud these people committed involving purchasing and reselling hundreds of wild horses, prohibited by BLM contracts the buyers have to sign but are not enforced, the horses were also transported over state lines to kill buyers and in some cases perhaps licensed federal brand inspectors may have looked the other way. All adds up to felony level behavior and prosecution must be demanded. Unfortunately the “show horse” and racing contingents are turning a blind eye; many of the show and racing folks online communities are commenting in ways that reflect that they could care less what happens to the mustangs. It’s left up to those who truly care to step up and demand that this horror comes to a screeching halt.


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