Raid finds ‘Significant Amount of Contraband’ at Parx


Raid carried out by the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission.

A recent raid on the backside of Parx Racing carried out by the Pennsylvania State Horse Racing Commission revealed “a significant amount of contraband,” Tom Chuckas, the director of the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Bureau at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, said during a May 25 commission meeting.

Veterinarian Kathryn Papp shared a clip of the meeting, conducted over Zoom, on Twitter.

“We went through the barn area and the tack rooms. We did six total barn searches, six tack room searches. In addition to that we looked at five grooms’ quarters and five external tack rooms and 66 out-of-competition tests were performed,” Chuckas said during the meeting. “In our enforcement action I can say without getting into too much detail, a significant amount of contraband was discovered, dealing with medications, unlabeled compounded or expired. I regret to say that they were contraband items that have no business on the backside with needles and syringes and some other things that we discovered.” Read more at the Bloodhorse »

It seems unimaginable that this sort of situation can go on, but it does all across the country. We wonder what will happen now, especially to the horses who are being subjected to heaven knows what in what sort of conditions.

HORSE AT WATER, by Britain’s most famous equestrian sculptor, Nic Fiddian-Green, on the grounds of Parx.

About Parx

Parx Casino and Racing (formerly Philadelphia Park Racetrack and Casino) is a Thoroughbred horse racing venue and the largest casino gaming complex in Pennsylvania. Parx is located in Bensalem Township in Bucks County, northeast of the city of Philadelphia.

Owned and operated by Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc., Parx features 24-hour gaming with over 3,200 slot machines, 188 live table games, a poker room with 48 poker tables, live racing and simulcast action, sports betting, several dining options and bars, and the Xcite Center. Parx also offers online gambling and online sports betting along with off-track betting at two locations.

So now what?

What can we say that has not already been said? This is yet another “let’s make our millions and screw the horses”.

Why are they drugging these poor animals to their eyeballs? Why even race horses there at all?

Sadly, this sort of thing is being patterned right across the country. We cannot see the Horse Racing Integrity Act, now law, having much if any impact against this sort of behaviour. Those involved are just going through the motions so they can conduct business as usual.

There is no integrity in American horseracing. It. Needs. To. Go.

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Featured Image: Horses racing at Parx. Source not identified.

2 thoughts on “Raid finds ‘Significant Amount of Contraband’ at Parx”

  1. The only unequivocal stance that any horse lover, animal advocate and/or animal rights group should take is the total shutdown of these torture chambers for racehorses.

    Horses are gentle giants, unless humans have turned them bitter, and they are voiceless victims of these parasites who plunge needles into their joints, veins, muscles, tendons and whatever else they can.

    They claim racehorses to squeeze every last red cent of them, some of these racehorses making over $100,000 rarely, if ever, get a soft landing.

    They are there to be exploited, used, abused, maimed, dumped and/or killed.

    It’s no different than Greyhound dog racing, pit bull dog fighting and if you are against these horrific things then it only stands to reason that you should be against horse racing and want to see it end.

    These tracks are getting 250+ million per year to keep them financially afloat!

    This money is supposed to be going to the public coffers for education.

    The choice to residents and taxpayers who live in states that financially support horse racing: 1. Educate our children. 2. Support deeply corrupt people who kill racehorses.

    This antiquated unnecessary gambling venue must END and it can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

    Thank-you for your coverage.

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