California Horse Racing Board will not suspend Baffert’s license without due process

PAULICK REPORT PRESS RELEASE | 5/24/21 — The California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) is aware of the situation surrounding Bob Baffert and the alleged positive relative to the Kentucky Derby.

Racetracks in Kentucky and New York have temporarily precluded Mr. Baffert from entering horses and/or using stalls. To date, the regulatory bodies in those two states – the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and the New York State Gaming Commission – have not taken any action against Mr. Baffert’s license. They face the same issue the CHRB does in that regulators cannot suspend or revoke occupational licenses without a hearing and due process. Should any regulatory body take action against any licensee, we would reciprocate that action in California.

Further, Noodles, a 2-year-old unraced colt in Mr. Baffert’s care, suffered a non-racing or training-related death this weekend at Los Alamitos. That fatality will be posted on the CHRB website today, as is the practice, with the note: “Respiratory – Pneumonia (pending).” A necropsy will be performed and a fatality review conducted pursuant to the law and CHRB regulations.

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2 thoughts on “California Horse Racing Board will not suspend Baffert’s license without due process”

  1. ☻☻
    ..a murderous greedy unfeeling (except for himself) sociopath..
    has got to go..
    ☻☻ more interaction with horses at all..
    so whatever “due” and “process” is needed..
    ..make it happen ASAP..
    or don’t you care how many innocent lives he takes?

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    1. He continues to get away with it scott free. And has for decades. There is equal doping and abuse and death all the way down to the loveliest racetrack. It is plain to see that racing cannot be reformed even if it was willing. So it must end.

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