Katherine Heigl working to save Utah’s Onaqui wild horses

DESERET NEWS (May, 26, 2021) — Amy Joi O’Donoghue, reporting for the Deseret News, writes:

Actress and former fashion model Katherine Heigl has joined advocates in the fight to stop a planned roundup of Utah’s most famous herd of wild horses — the Onaqui of the west desert.

Image: WildHorseTourist.com.

“With their historic place on the public lands of Utah, the Onaqui horses are living treasures that contribute to the beauty of the Great Basin Desert, as well as the economic vitality of nearby communities,” said Heigl, who lives in Summit County and keeps horses at her ranch in the Kamas Valley.

“Instead of cruel helicopter roundups, I call on the Bureau of Land Management to leave the Onaqui horses on the land, manage them humanely with fertility control, and limit livestock grazing to protect the ecosystem.”

Wild horse advocates say the federal government aims to remove as many 400 members of the estimated 500 animals on the range.

The removal of wild horses to reduce their population in the West is part of a ramped up effort by the federal government to get to what’s called the “appropriate management level,” to improve rangeland conditions.

It’s estimated there are 95,000 wild horses in the West, when their targeted population is just over 27,000. Read more »

Featured Image: Cheyenne Ellis | Parade Magazine

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