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Electric carriages vs horse drawn carriages

“We believe electric carriages are the future, and horse drawn carriages a thing of the past. As we transition to electric carriages it will free horses from the ’round the clock misery and abuse inherent to the carriage horse trade. It will also make streets and neighborhoods where horses once pulled carriages safer for all.”

— Fund for Horses

“When hansom cabs are mixed with cars, taxis, buses, pedestrians, bikes and emergency vehicles – fire trucks, ambulances and police cars – they are a recipe for disaster. Over the years, there have been many accidents where both horses and people have been seriously injured and some in which horses have died.”

— Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

“We cannot continue to mistake the idea of tradition with animal abuse. That no longer has a place in Guadalajara; we’ve put a stop to it today.”

— Mayor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez

Carriage Horse Freedom

Janet White wants to bring back the horseless carriage, reports WHYY Philadelphia.

The animal rights activist and leader of the group Carriage Horse Freedom has an idea she thinks could help the tourism industry shift away from horse-powered buggy rides, a popular draw in the visitor-packed streets of Philadelphia’s oldest neighborhoods.

This e-carriage made by ETours replaced horse-driven carriages in German cities. (ETours/ Peter Czwiertnia)

“You can combine the nostalgic feel of an 18th-century carriage, because they look just like them, but they are battery-operated,” said White. “So there’s no horse, and there’s no suffering involved.” Read more »

More carriages

Electric carriages come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Wouldn’t you love to see the sights while riding around in one of these?

1. Berlin City Centre
2. Electric Carriage Berlin. From
3. Electric carriage Guadalajara, Mexico.
4. Mumbai, India. Times of India.
5. You can get this little gem for $2,000 on Alibaba.

Last but certainly not least. Take a look at this.

6. Animal rights and electric cars don’t usually intersect much, but a long-running New York City battle has produced one of the more unusual electric-car designs shown in public. Via

Which one would you like to see operating in your town or city? We would love your comments on this. You can also contact us here.

Back to the future

Cities across the globe have banned horse-drawn carriages in light of concerns about animal cruelty. Among the cities that have stopped the practice are MontrealSalt Lake CityRomeBarcelona, and Guadalajara.

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