Mustangs and Renegades

Unfortunately it seems the BLM have an awfully interesting interpretation of the terms of their remit and have done everything in their power to reduce the numbers of horses in the wild and find as many ways as possible to contravene not only the spirit of the law, but the letter as well,” writes Critic, Richard Marcus, in his review of James Anaquad Kleinert’s film ‘Mustangs & Renegades’.

Marcus continues, “In my article of 2008, I mistakenly blamed agribusiness as the biggest co-conspirator in this effort to defraud the American public. However, while it is true they have quite a bit of pull within the BLM, they at least aren’t actively destroying the environment which the horses depend on for survival. After all, they too need the pasture land and clean water the horses require.”

“It turns out the real problem is the fact the BLM have been hard at work selling off the last of America’s wilderness to oil, gas and mining companies. Nothing says wildlife preserve quite like uranium tailings, polluted water, radioactive waste, pools of sulphuric acid, strip mining, oil wells and a night sky light up by the flames from natural gas stand pipes,” he states.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” — Albert Einstein

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Approx. 4 hrs. Six Episodes + Highlight Video.

Please note: If you are not sent to Vimeo at the end of the trailer, use this link:

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Featured Image: Wild horses in silhouette © James Anaquad Kleinert.

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