No final ruling in Baffert lawsuit, urine will be tested

HORSE RACING NATION reports that :—

Franklin Circuit Court judge Thomas Wingate did not issue a final ruling at Friday’s hearing as the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and attorneys for Zedan Racing Stables and Bob Baffert argued as to what quantity of Medina Spirit’s urine sample should be sent to a lab for further testing.

Craig Robertson, representing Baffert, argued the entire sample, somewhere between 25 and 27 milliliters, should be sent, with the lab determining how much it needs. Jennifer Wolsing, representing the KHRC, was instead seeking to send off 2 ml which the commission said should be all the lab needs.

“I don’t think they ought to have to give you all of it,” Wingate said at the beginning of the hearing.

The parties agreed upon a delivery method for getting the urine to the lab in New York, where representatives from each side would travel with the sample. They also agreed that the division of the sample would happen once it reached its final destination and was thawed.

Wingate suggested holding back at least 3 ml for the commission to keep, which Wolsing said was necessary in case it is needed in the future. Wolsing objected to keeping the smaller amount. “We’re trying to retain as much as possible for unknown possible future testing,” Wolsing said. “There’s a specific amount that they need.” Robertson stressed throughout the hearing that both parties should trust the mutually agreed upon laboratory.

Medina Spirit’s blood has already been split-sample tested, which confirmed the betamethasone positive. When the remnants were sent for further testing, in order to try and determine the origin of the drug, a plasma tube burst during shipping, which Robertson said caused Baffert and Zedan’s representation to seek testing of the “pristine” urine sample.

Wingate said he will not issue a final order until Wednesday, giving the parties time to work out a solution amongst themselves. Read full report »

Medina Spirit was clearly doped no matter what the pee report says. Please go away Bob.

Updated 9.16 pm

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