Bob’s burning bucks on yet another lawsuit; this time the NYRA

We have lost track of the lawsuits Baffert has been filing since Medina Spirit’s tossed out Kentucky Derby win. But this is likely his latest. Sigh.

The following comes via The Spun via TMZ Sports.

Open quote

“As two-time Triple Crown winning trainer Bob Baffert continues to deal with the fallout of Medina Spirit’s failed drug test, he’s now filing a lawsuit against one of the organization[s] that punished him for it.

“Baffert claims that the ban is costing him tons of money in missed races. He is suing NYRA for damages on top of everything else.”

“According to TMZ Sports, court filing reveal that Baffert is suing the New York Racing Authority (NYRA) for banning him and his horses from all horse racing venues in New York. To that end, he is seeking to get a judge to overturn his ban.

“Per the report, Baffert is asserting that NYRA has no right to ban him before the investigation into Medina Spirit concludes. He also claims he should have his ban lifted since what happened to Medina Spirit did not occur in New York, and he has never had a horse test positive in the state.

“Medina Spirit crossed the wire first in the Kentucky Derby, but days later test results came back positive for banned substances.

“Bob Baffert was then suspended from bringing any horses to Churchill Downs, and NYRA followed suit. He was unable to race any of his training horses in the prestigious Belmont Stakes[.] Medina Spirit was allowed, however, to compete in the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico.”

Interesting. Insofar as his claim for damages, Baffert will have to prove to the Court that the horses in question could have won those missed races. If he answers ‘yes’, the next question is — is that with or without illegal performance-enhancing drugs?

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4 thoughts on “Bob’s burning bucks on yet another lawsuit; this time the NYRA”

  1. You know, I just wish this ^%$@#$ doper would go away. He may think he’s doing a good deed for the industry by calling them out, but he’s just dragging it through more mud.

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    1. Being super competitive is fine, sometimes even admirable. Baffert however cheats.

      He seems to think cheating, particularly through doping, makes him exceedingly clever and superior to everyone else who trains racehorses. Cheating is one of the lowest of sins.

      There are other sins more disturbing and unconscionable than cheating, and those are the horrific abuses Baffert inflicts on his horses sometimes resulting in death. Directly or in directly he is lethal.

      The CHRB and others like them have aided and abetted Baffert all the way and they are just as responsible for the abuse and death of many, many racehorses in our opinion.

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    2. Jane, you took the words out of my mouth – dragging through the mud. This cur is doing a fine job of exposing one of the abhorrent practices inflicted upon the poor horses in racing. A huge black eye for the racing industry.


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