Please support these federal campaigns to protect our horses

We are working on the following campaigns right now in the 117th Congress (2021-2022).

Horse slaughter

The first campaign is lobbying for the passage of H.R.3355 which will put an end to horse slaughter for human consumption. H.R.3355 got off to a strong start with 60 cosponsors. We have well-trained and well-versed boots hitting the ground to build on that number. View the current list of cosponsors at to see if your U.S. Representative has cosponsored H.R.3355. If they have not cosponsored H.R.3355, please go here to take action.

Wild horses

The second campaign is lobbying for the protection of wild horses. We started with commandeering as much support as we can muster to pressure Interior Secretary Deb Haaland to put an immediate and permanent stop to the BLM cash for wild horse adoption scheme — where wild horses are being turned around and sold to slaughter once the “adopter” get their hands on the $1,000 per head reward money. We have been told that Haaland is looking the other way because that is what she has been “ordered to do.” No surprise there, but we would want to find out who is giving, or being allowed to give, the order.


Please donate to help with expenses. If you can give big, give big. Remember this though — $5 goes a long way when you have a bunch of other $5 donations to go with it. Every dollar matters.

Take action

Please take part in the above. It is so very important. We cannot go into a Legislator’s office and tell their staff that a piece of legislation is supported across America, only for them to turn around and tell us so far they have not heard from a single constituent. Your voice does matter — you make it matter when you take part.

Thank you everyone.

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