Wild Lands Wild Horses — Pilot Episode: Twin Peaks

“Wild Lands Wild Horses” is an exploratory docu-series traveling across 12 states within 150M+ acres of public lands. Wild horse advocates and photographers Jamie Baldanza & Deb Lee Carson transport us through America’s western landscape bringing national awareness to the majestic yet politically complicated lives of America’s Wild Horses.

Combining beautiful cinematography with expert interviews, the “Wild Lands Wild Horses” docu-series reveals the complex story of America’s wild horses and the western lands they call home.

With our social media outlets today, it’s really easy to sit on a chair behind your computer and judge what’s going on versus stepping into the landscape yourself and experiencing it.” — Deb Lee Carson

The pilot episode “Twin Peaks” in this docu-series is available to watch for FREE on Youtube. See below.

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• Press Release, “Award Winning Pilot Episode “Wild Lands Wild Horses” — Now on YouTube, 21 June 2021, EIN Press Wire.

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Featured Image: Twin Peaks Wild Horses. Photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

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