What are you doing right now?

How would you like to help horses. . . right now? Horses who are suffering . . . under threat of death; perhaps even extinction? You can do it from the comfort of your home, on your phone or laptop, anytime day or night.

There are three urgent horse protection issues that need attention — horse slaughter, horse soring and America’s wild horses.

Two of the issues will take just a few minutes to act on. The horse slaughter issue will take a bit longer, only if you do not already know who your U.S. Representative is. That is easily found here. Two minutes, three at the max.

Go to our Take Action page, here on Tuesday’s Horse, and take action right now. Our horses need you — maybe more than ever before.

Every one of you who takes action is a hero — to them and to us. Thank you.

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Originally posted as “What are you doing tonight?”

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