Maybe there are too many cows, not too many horses

Letter to the Editor | Opinion Page | The Washington Post | 6th July 2021

Kathleen Parker’s June 27th Sunday Opinion column, “We have too many wild horses. But this is not the way.,” brilliantly highlighted one aspect of heritage animals’ mistreatment by the Bureau of Land Management. Unfortunately, it also perpetuated the myth underlying the gruesome policy of rounding up, warehousing and mindlessly disposing of captive wild horses and burros.

The BLM claims that the current population of 94,000 wild equines on 26 million acres of public land should be reduced to 27,000, yet millions of domestic livestock graze the same rangeland. This radically low goal is nearly the same number that prompted Congress to pass the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act to keep wild horses and burros from “fast disappearing from the West.”

The National Academy of Sciences found the bureau’s “appropriate management level” of 27,000 to be arbitrary, rigid and not science-based. This contrived population target allocates the lion’s share of forage to livestock, which, unlike wild equines, is not federally protected. 

Isn’t it time to put humane policies and real science into action?

Charlotte RoeBerthoud, Colo., July 6, 2021

Amen Ms. Roe! In the meantime this is still going on.

BLM wild horse adoption bonus money scam

Just when you think the future of America’s federally protected wild horses and burros cannot become any grimmer, there is this.

The BLM continues to conduct its $1,000 incentive money wild horse adoption scheme after learning adopters are selling the horses to slaughter once they have collected the reward. It has even been suggested that the BLM is clearing out its overcrowded holding pens stuffed with previously rounded up wild horses this way to make room for more. How very sinister, even for the BLM.

Why is no one in D.C. shutting this horrible program down? Heaven knows there has been an avalanche of pleas from around the country to put an immediate stop to this program.


Featured Image: Wild horses in slaughter bound truck, NYT story image.

2 thoughts on “Maybe there are too many cows, not too many horses”

  1. You have got to be kidding! Too many Wild Horses? They are kept at ADL and lower, they’re practically inbreeding. Privatization of Public Lands have led to Ranchers using OUR land as their grazing, to heck with the other wildlife who need it, including horses. What have horses done for us? Let’s see: transport, entertainment, friend, mascot, police mounts, rescue associates in hard to reach areas WHAT HAVEN’T THEY DONE FOR US? LEAVE THEM ALONE. STOP THE ROUNDUPS. JUST LET THEM BE, AND IF YOU MUST TREAT THEM, THEN TREAT THEM WITH KINDNESS AND RESPECT!


    1. Thank you Donna for making all of those points. These horses are a national treasure and federally protected, YET being destroyed by the very people employed by the feds to humanely manage them. It is disgusting; shameful.


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