Judge nullifies horse trainer Bob Baffert’s NY suspension

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York federal judge on Wednesday [ July 14th] nullified the suspension of horse trainer Bob Baffert, finding that the New York Racing Association acted unconstitutionally by failing to let him adequately respond to claims made against him after Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit failed a postrace drug test.

In her written ruling, Brooklyn Judge Carol Bagley Amon said a prompt post-suspension hearing where Baffert could refute the claims was required to meet constitutional muster.

But she said the racing association “had held no hearing — let alone a prompt one.”

Amon said she concluded that Baffert had established a likelihood that he will prove that the suspension violated the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

She said he also made a “strong showing” that there would be irreparable harm if the suspension was not overturned.

Amon noted that lawyers for the New York Racing Association had argued at a hearing Monday that the public depends on it to ensure races are conducted in a fair and honest manner and to protect the integrity of the sport.

“That may be true, but the public has no interest in having the ‘integrity of the sport’ enforced by unconstitutional means,” she wrote.

At Monday’s hearing, Henry Greenberg, arguing for the racing association, said the organization acted quickly because the Belmont Stakes, the third prong of horse racing’s Triple Crown, was fast approaching.

The NYRA operates Belmont Park, Aqueduct and Saratoga Race Course.

In Baffert’s lawsuit last month seeking to get the suspension lifted, the Hall of Famer contended he was suspended without “any prior notice” and was not told the duration or terms of the suspension or any New York state law or regulation he might have violated.



Teflon Bob strikes again. But the good news is that since Medina Spirit faded to a third-place finish in the Preakness Baffert was not contending for the Triple Crown. Had the horse won that race, this would have been a different story altogether. Would the NYRA have suspended him? —TH


Featured Image: In this Monday, July 12, 2021 file photo, Horse trainer Bob Baffert, left, leaves federal court in the Brooklyn borough of New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)

9 thoughts on “Judge nullifies horse trainer Bob Baffert’s NY suspension”

  1. Why didn’t the NYRA immediately schedule a hearing on such a critical matter?
    It just doesn’t make sense.
    I’m no fan of Baffert’s, but his rights were violated.
    After all these years, doping positives, due process defenses you would think that horse racing would get their act together.
    It’s a discombobulated mess that facilitates the doping cheaters and punishes those who play by the rules.
    In all of this chaotic mess are their voiceless victims who get no justice at all.

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    1. We wondered about that too. But then it all took off. We thought maybe we had missed something. Thank you Gina for reminding us.

      The horses always pay the ultimate price with health and with their lives.

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  2. I can’t belive this. What is “due process” when your horse has tested positive twice for a drug that was prohibited in any concentration on race day.

    Why does the source matter? And this b-tard will get off becuase of $$$s and his lame excuse that will be all but impossible to prove in urine tests.

    He is what is wrong with racing, and by no means what will save it. The “face” of NA racing is a tainted piece of refuse.

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    1. They tested the urine. They tested the blood. Then they retested the urine and the blood. If we are right, they all tested positive. It is dizzying to keep up with.

      Please let this be the end of it, and we do not have to hear about him, or anything connected with him any more, for a very, very long time. Unless he is abducted by aliens. We do not wish him ill. Just wish him gone.

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  3. Thank you Carolyn.

    What we do not understand is this. The NYRA owns these racetracks and should be able to bar whomever they want. Why is it not in their rights to bar a trainer who is proven a serial doper from running at their tracks? Full stop.

    The New York Times reports that horses trained by Bob Baffert have failed at least 29 drug tests in his near half-century career. And those are just the times that are on record. How about the numerous times he was caught in California and the CHRB let him go. This stinks to high heaven like all Baffert machinations do.

    Although there is plenty in American horse racing that needs cleaning up, a good start would be to find a way to get rid of Baffert and those of his ilk.

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  4. ☻☻
    ..ok since I’m assuming this is a “family platform”..
    I’ll just say dam/dam/dam..
    ..you get the drift..
    money talks..
    ..well so does karma..
    ..it also has no expiration date..

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    1. We are family and we do not mind you saying it, but like your dam/dam/dam. As they say karma is a b****. And as you say, it has no expiration date.

      We will be celebrating Baffert’s exit from horse racing if we are still around to do so… for sure. The cruelty involved is unconscionable. The cocktail of drugs he gives these horses must have a short and long term debilitating effect on their soundness and overall health. How miserable his doped up horses’ lives must be. Horrible.

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  5. It seems that this result is due to an unfortunate legal technicality error on the part of the NYRA. Shame on this Baffert bloke who had the audacity to challenge a laudable decision made by the NYRA who was acting with integrity.
    The judge is correct, however, the ongoing global publicity surrounding this Baffert bloke exposes more ugly truths much to the chagrin of the racing industry.
    When Medina Spirit failed to win the Preakness, I thought this is meant to be.

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