Stop the Onaqui wild horse roundup happening now


As of 19th July, you can still tune in to the program regarding Utah’s Onaqui wild horses the BLM is currently rounding up by helicopter. Learn what is happening, how it is unfair and what can be done to stop it! Renown wildlife biologist Craig Downer is the guest on the program.

#JaneUnChained is a social media news network for animal rights/veganism launched by nationally known TV journalist/bestselling author Jane Velez-Mitchell.

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Take Action

Jane calls all wild horse lovers and concerned citizens to take action now.

Call the Utah Wild Horse & Burro hotline at 801-539-4050 or email Tell them you are strongly opposed to the rounding up and removal of the Onaqui horses. Tell them to leave the horses on the land that is rightfully theirs.

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Planning documents for the Onaqui Herd Management Area gather are available on the BLM’s ePlanning web site.

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In the meantime, Vivian Farrell wants to launch a campaign in Washington D.C. to revoke all cattle grazing permits and cease issuing new ones. Next, remove all cattle permanently from our public lands. Cancel all scheduled round ups and return wild horses who are currently incarcerated by the BLM to there original “homes on the range.” Mrs Farrell has lawyers analyzing it right now. Go V!

Featured Image. Creator: Kimerlee Curyl. Copyright: © Kimerlee Curyl Photography


Updated with contact information for the BLM. 18 July 2021.

13 thoughts on “Stop the Onaqui wild horse roundup happening now”

  1. Why am I just seeing this now? I’ll? Sunday, comma a little late to watch Saturday programs. I’ve been scrolling Facebook all weekend so i feel I didn’t just miss it. Can it ne reposted?


  2. Most urgently: It is my understanding that the horses that were moved to Delta Holding Facility as well as other holding pens are without shade. Especially given the extreme heat southern Utah and the state is facing, this is in violation of the State’s Animal Cruelty Law ~ Index
    Utah Code
    Title 76 Utah Criminal Code
    Chapter 9 Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
    Part 3 Cruelty to Animals
    Section 301 Cruelty to animals. (Effective 5/5/2021)
    Also in question is are the horses being provided with the proper amount of clean water, as also dictated by this law. It is also a violation of the PACT Act which is a federal law for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty and Torture.
    The whipping of the horses’ fore and hind cannons as well as body parts below with metal whips is construed as torture and also a violation of the PACT Act under torture.
    These round ups need to stop as they are in violation of (the Spirit) The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971and 1978 until the loop hole currently being used was put in place in 2005. The use of helicopters to run these horses to the point of injury and death is unconscionable and abusive, not to mention cowardly. These horses have specific DNA as well as lineage and family bands which need to be maintained. The removal of these wild horses removes tourist money for the state and areas where these horses live. People do not come to spend money to see Cattle, Thank You.

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    1. A call to action with direction. Thank you very much. Do you have any contact information? I’ve seen pics of Delta and there is no shade in a slightly overcrowded pen, if you will. Winter also appears to be harsh. There are soulless people on the planet and this is an exposition of several. Back to contact info?


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