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Racing’s leaders to meet on Tuesday in wake of Panorama investigation

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British racing’s ruling authority has called for a meeting with industry leaders in Britain and Ireland to tackle the issues raised in a BBC Panorama programme, named The Dark Side of Horseracing, broadcast on Monday night.

The 30-minute documentary investigated deaths of racehorses after the end of their racing careers and alleged detrimental welfare standards in slaughterhouses.

The Panorama investigation suggested that some animals had been transferred from Ireland to the UK despite being seriously injured – a practice described as unacceptable by British racing – while former Cheltenham winner Vyta Du Roc was reported to be one of the horses seen in the abattoir.

There is more. You can’t make this stuff up. So very callous.

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A statement from the BHA [British Horseracing Authority] read: “No-one in racing, and no-one who loves horses, wants to see them caused distress or suffering at the end of their lives.

“If there has been a departure from approved abattoir practices and the welfare of the horses involved has been compromised, it’s important this is addressed as a matter of urgency. This includes transporting horses over long distances to an abattoir, especially if these have injuries, which is not acceptable under the British racing industry’s guidelines for euthanasia.

“The Food Standards Agency, which regulates abattoirs, is responsible for maintaining standards of animal welfare. We would support them if they decide there is evidence of mistreatment of animals which requires investigation, given the public concern that may arise from this programme.”

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We say

The British Horseracing Authority is barbaric in its views, and liars to boot.

Horse slaughter is not and never can be a form of euthanasia. From their statements it is pretty clear to us that the BHA sees absolutely nothing wrong with slaughtering horses, so long as it is nicely and neatly done and the horses are not too upset by it (insert sarcasm). Are you kidding? Slaughter is a brutal death. It is a terrifying and highly painful.

Finally the BHA tries argument by deflection in its defense, stating the Food Standards Agency, which regulates slaughter plants, is ultimately responsible for the welfare of the animals it brutally kills and we must make ourselves satisfied with that.

Tuesday’s Horse © Fund for Horses

NOTE: The referenced Panorama episode above is exploding all over the news. We have selected to write only a few posts at this time. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. Right now there are a lot of good articles plus an abundance of kneejerk reactions.

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2 thoughts on “Racing’s leaders to meet on Tuesday in wake of Panorama investigation”

  1. It is hypocrisy alright. Those racing rats are all huddled up to see how they can get in front of this for awhile until the public have moved on, instead of coming up with a good, sound, doable plan.

    A few among them are saying the right things, making the right noises, but it will all come to nothing.

    We would love to be proven wrong, for the sake of the horses. Surprise us.

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  2. I seriously doubt they were unaware of what goes on. Like everywhere else, out of sight, out of mind – unfortunately for them they were caught in the headlights and are now trying to make amends.

    And the sheer hypocrisy to say no one wants to see the horses caused distress or suffering at the end of their lives. If anyone should know about the “euthanasia” of horses in an abbatoir, they should.

    And, of course, the meat will be sold for human consumption in the EU and elsewhere, despite the so-called strict EU regulations of prohibited drugs in food animals and their lame passport system, that is not adhered to. If it was, no horse meat from Canada, comprised of US and Candian racehorses, would be allowed to cross their borders. What a sham it all is. .

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