Where horse meets art and gives us a look inside

With 205 bones and 700 muscles the horse is a challenging animal for anatomy students to study.

That was until champion rider Gillian Higgins came up with the novel idea of showing people how it all works. Rather than bog them down with dusty diagrams and skeletal sketches, she hit upon the idea of painting the inner workings of the horse on the animal himself.

Remember them now?

Horses Inside Out, Service Paints Anatomy on Live Horses to Educate People  Who Work with Horses | Horses, Horse anatomy, Animals
Super Model Freddie Fox. That face! What a star.
American Vaulting Association: Member Site
Another pose from the fabulous Freddie Fox.

Horses Inside Out

Higgins continues to wow everyone with her incredible art and insight which she does now through “Horses Inside Out.” The Courier.co.uk reports »

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As a talented rider, authority on equine anatomy, senior coach for the British Horse Society (BHS), and with a first class honours degree in equine science, Gillian lives, breathes and dreams horses.

Since 2006, veterinary students, race horse trainers, eventers, pony club members and dressage judges have been flocking to her lectures to witness her famous live painted horse demonstrations.

Stunning image by Gillian Higgins founder and artist of Horses Inside Out

Higgins has her critics however.

Painted horse garment gives the same effect

The Horse magazine reports »

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Body painting horses with anatomical structures gives us moving skeletons and muscle groups. These images, painted directly onto horses, help veterinary students, chiropractors, and even owners and riders to better understand the structures hidden under our horses’ skin.

But painting requires skill, repeatable accuracy, and time—lots of time. It also requires paint, which get can into the horse’s hair and skin. That’s why Brazilian researchers recently came up with a reliable welfare-friendly horse garment that gives the same effect.

“We began to observe that body painting required a lot of artistic technique and up to six hours of painting time, which sometimes made the horses uncomfortable, and then it didn’t even last very long,” said Rafael M. Leandro, PhD, professor of animal morphology in the Anhembi Morumbi University School of Veterinary Medicine, in Sao Paulo. “Thinking about the welfare of the animal, we decided to come up with some alternative methods of teaching, and the garment fit our criteria.”

Featured Image: The incredible Freddie Fox, the famous model for Horses Inside Out. Says Higgins, “Freddie Fox the ultimate model. Always with his ears forward!” says Gillian. © Horses Inside Out.

P.S. Tuesday’s Horse is sad to report that Freddie Fox died on July 15th at the age of 24. He was an eventer before he was an anatomy model. When Vivian wrote this post she was not aware of this. Interesting.

“Freddie was the original star of Horses Inside Out, founded by eventer, instructor and Equine Massage and Manipulation therapist Gillian Higgins in 2006,” writes Horse Talk.

See Famous equine anatomy model horse Freddie Fox dies at 24, 23rd July 2021, horsetalk.co.nz »


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