Researchers say over time horse side toes may have been lost to help them move faster and more efficiently. Photograph: Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images.

Filly Shesgotattitude dead at two

Fox News San Diego reports that a 2-year-old filly who had been flown in from Kentucky to run in the Sorrento Stakes died at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club after flipping over backward while walking from the stable area to the receiving barn before the race.

This was confirmed by state horse racing officials on Saturday. Shesgotattitude “reared up and fell over while walking, requiring euthanasia,” Mike Marten, spokesman for the California Horse Racing Board, told City News Service.

This is corroborated by HorseRacingWrongs who described it this way: Shesgotattitude, Aug 6, Del Mar R – “flipped, struck head, euthanized”.

Tiznow Filly Gives Ennis, Graham Another Baby Race at Keeneland
Tiznow filly Shesgotattitude gives Ennis, Graham another Baby Race at Keeneland, 8th April 2021. Photo by Coady.

The Tiz Now filly was foaled on February 28, 2019, raced three times, winning once, for overall earnings of $44,850.

CHRB’s Bramlage talks 2 yo racing

Here is an excerpt from a talk Dr. Larry Bramlage gave at The Jockey Club. Topic, The Thoroughbred Safety Committee Soundness Issues. It illustrates their priorities, and as usual the do not finish in the equation.

Charge: The training and racing of 2-year-old Thoroughbreds is predisposing these horses to accelerated rates of injury and prematurely shortened careers.

Bramlage responds to the above charge as follows:

Caslon Quote Left Black

This charge is leveled by some people in and out of the horse industry, especially people outside of racing. It is a very popular theme with animal welfare organizations that are ill informed on the topic of racing and the horse; it is also parroted frequently in the popular press.

“To examine these data The Jockey Club Information Systems extracted one-year windows at five-year intervals, using the years 1975 through 2000 as data sets. Horses were divided into the categories “raced as two-year-olds” and “raced, but not as two-year-olds.” The data shows a definitive answer to this charge.

“The first category of data examined was average starts per starter lifetime. The data shows that horses that raced as 2-year-olds raced many more times in their lifetime in each of the years examined when compared to horses that did not race until after their 2-year-old season. Some of these starts were made in the 2-year-old year for the horses that raced at 2, but the difference was more marked than the 2-year-old year alone would account for.

“Average lifetime earnings per starter for horses that raced as 2-year-olds are almost twice the amount earned by horses that did not race as 2-year-olds.

“Career average earnings per start for horses that raced as 2-year-olds exceeded average earnings per start for horses that did not race as 2-year-olds in every one of the years from 1975 to 2000 examined.

“Lastly, the percent stakes winners in horses that raced as 2-year-olds is nearly three times higher than in horses that did not race until their 3-year-old year or later.”


You will no doubt notice that the earnings of these young horses is a major theme. Who cares if they are dead at three, so long as they generated some earnings for their connections. If the owners were lucky they were able to squeeze a few more races out of them before they were killed. Not died but killed.

We hate when racing says a horse “died” while racing or training — like running them had nothing to do with it — like it was the fault of the horse.

Sick, sick, sick.

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3 thoughts on “Filly Shesgotattitude dead at two”

  1. Horse racing is sick but especially when owners greed has babies race well before their bodies are ready for the stress. What’s wrong with these owners and they are never held accountable.


  2. heart bleeds..
    ..and HATE for human greed
    cruelty on and on..


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