What to do about horse abuse: Abolish or reform?

Are we abolitionist or reformers? It is a question often asked. Here is where we stand, and have from the beginning.

We are strongly on the side of abolishing every type of horse abuse, not just reducing it to a level tolerable to the human view and which is typically labeled as “reform.”

If you see or hear the way someone is treating a horse, and it makes you wonder whether or not it is abusive in any way, the key to your answer is this — if it makes you wonder, that is a strong indication it is abusive at some level. Please seek expert advice immediately and if recommended, report it. If it is your behavior you are wondering about — please cease doing it — until you find the answer!

Ask a good horseman you trust and respect. Or you might consult an equine veterinarian or behavioral specialist for an opinion. Don’t know any? Another avenue is to search the internet as a first step towards getting your answer. You will find many helpful ideas about what to do and not to do concerning horses in just about any circumstance. Use them as a stepping stone to securing the information you need.

Reform (def.): make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.

See also When to Speak Up: Red Flags & Warning Signs for Reporting Abuse, Horse Nation »

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2 thoughts on “What to do about horse abuse: Abolish or reform?”

    1. Non-sentient??? I agree that no animal should be abused, but I also consider horses and other animals to be sentient beings.


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