Carriage horse controversy swirls after fresh allegations of abuse


Carriage horses are again the center of controversy in New York City. Animal activists say a horse has been forced to work despite being emaciated and having open wounds.

Animal activists “say” . . . ? Look at the image.

As CBS2’s Thalia Perez reports, it was a war of words between animal activists alleging abuse of a carriage horse named Michelle and those dismissing the allegations as false.

They took to the street outside the West Side Livery Stable on West 38th Street, where Michelle the horse has lived for the past two years.

“Imagine her agony. Sores all over her body. Covered up, rubbed, and suffocated by ill fitting horse tack chained to her body,” said Edita Brinkrant, executive director of NYCLASS.

Among the protesters: PETA, NYCLASS, and GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa.

“It’s torture,” Sliwa said.

They’re demanding that the 12-year-old horse be released to live out her days on a farm, or sanctuary, after enduring of what they call abuse. Caroline Plank shared photos with Perez she says she took Sunday after she stumbled upon Michelle during a jog in Central Park.

“It’s blatant abuse. It’s disgusting that we are letting this happen to a living feeling being,” Plank said.

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There are superb carriage horse advocates in New York who will do whatever it takes to help this obviously distressed and unhealthy horse who should not be working in any circumstance. The fact that the carriage horse people there are arguing so viciously in defense of what is so obviously a case of animal abuse demonstrates exactly who and what they are — in case you had any doubt.

Ban all horse drawn carriages.


Image source: Twitter

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