Racehorse that ran down a Kentucky highway is being treated for burns from a barn fire

“It turns out that the 30-minute run a 2-year-old filly took Saturday on a Kentucky highway after shedding her jockey and bolting from a racetrack wasn’t the horse’s only terrifying experience of the weekend,” reports the Washington Post on 22nd August.

“Recovering from the trauma of a run that made national news and left her dehydrated and with minor cuts, Bold and Bossy was staying overnight in an Ellis Park receiving barn when it caught fire early Sunday morning. An ‘unknown hero’ saved her and six other horses, according to Bold and Bossy’s owner, Michael Ann Ewing.”

“‘The horse suffered burns on her neck and withers,’ Ewing said. By 10 a.m. Sunday, Bold and Bossy was in the care of the Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Lexington, not far from where Ewing trains her 20 or so horses.”

“Kelsey Wallace, a trainer with Ewing, had made a three-hour trip with the filly to Ellis Park in Henderson, Ky., for the horse’s first race, during which she threw off jockey Miguel Mena. She ran over a levee and headed for U.S. 41, briefly running alongside autos on Interstate 69 and Veterans Memorial Parkway, as trainers, along with police and the sheriff’s department, gave chase.”

“‘Just by the grace of God, she was not hit,”’ Ewing said. ‘“Thank God she was not hurt or caused someone else to be severely injured or killed.'”

“That led to the decision by Ewing and Wallace to keep Bossy, as Ewing calls her, overnight in the receiving barn, calming her and treating her as she received 30 liters of fluid before taking her back to Ewing’s facility.”

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Featured Image: Ellis Park racecourse following barn fire. By Mike Lawrence / The Gleaner.

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