Video of Kentucky racehorse’s wild escape goes viral

A video of a Kentucky racehorse’s wild escape onto the highway went viral on social media this weekend.

The racehorse, Bold and Bossy, reportedly escaped a Kentucky race track and made it across state lines.

We pray they did not “punish” her. At two years old horses are still juveniles. Horseracing is just vicious enough — in our opinion — to do her harm mentally and physically.

She was reunited with her owner. Horses are not “its”.


2 thoughts on “Video of Kentucky racehorse’s wild escape goes viral”

  1. One of the racing rags reported that Bold and Bossy was one of the seven horses that was stabled in the receiving barn at Ellis Park when it caught fire over the weekend. She suffered burns on her neck and withers and is now at Rood and Riddle in Lexington receiving treatment. Perhaps her racing connections will do the right thing for this two year old filly and find her a less stressful “career.” One can only imagine the trauma she has suffered after experiencing two horrific events in less than 48 hours.

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    1. Thank you Mary. We just saw that and posted it.

      Horseracing will eventually come to an end, but it cannot happen fast enough for us.

      It appears that a large group of US racetracks are kept going by huge State subsidies. This is insane! It is also said that some of them have been getting these subsidies for many years. It appeared to be a well guarded “secret” from the public until recently.

      From what we read those State handouts to horseracing is not the same/does not include what they get from “racinos”, a portion of which racetracks use to reward bigger purses.

      What chicanery. It is all so revolting.

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