Tell Delaware to revoke training license of horse abuser Amber Cobb

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When the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission reduced a two-year suspension to just 60 days for trainer Amber Cobb, who was found by Delaware Park’s board of stewards to have “demonstrated cruelty to a horse in her care,” the Paulick Report was besieged with messages of outrage and disgust from a wide array of people in Thoroughbred racing.

“I feel so sick,” one trainer commented after watching the video that accompanied Paulick Report editor-in-chief Natalie Voss’ story on the appeals hearing that led to the reduction of Cobb’s suspension. “That girl should never, ever be allowed near another horse. … I can’t remember watching a video I was more shocked at seeing ever in my life.”


Contact the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission and demand they immediately revoke the training license of Amber Cobb for beating and terrorizing a racehorse. Simply suspending Cobb will not do — the time period which has now been reduced. Cobb must be removed from horse racing and barred from having any employment which brings her into contact with horses.

Delaware Code Title 11. Crimes and Criminal Procedure § 1325. Cruelty to animals;  class A misdemeanor;  class F felony. See

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19 thoughts on “Tell Delaware to revoke training license of horse abuser Amber Cobb”

  1. She is going to get SOMEONE KILLED. IF NOT DIRECTLY then when one of these horses panics and strikes someone or flips over on them because of the cruelty she has done. She has no business in the industry or owning horses.

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  2. This is unbelievable but in all actuality she is like this 24/7 as an exercise rider coming from Delaware park and her wanting me to work for her I couldn’t do it her horsemanship is pathetic no one like this shouldnt be around an animal with this much intelligence

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  3. Sickening cruelty callously inflicted upon this defenceless young filly who was terrified.
    Tied up so she couldn’t flee.
    She could’ve suffered a broken jaw when she fell that way.
    This despicable AMBER COBB should be dragged before the courts and properly dealt with. In the meantime, her training licence should be revoked.
    Shame on the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission.

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  4. I saw the video of Amber Cobb- she herself should be horse- whipped!! this was apalling and mean!-shame on delaware Racing- their justification was that she would lose business- so what-she should not even be a trainer!this is why people become so frustrated with racing!

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