Wild horse wipeout still on the move

“There are a lot of videos and photos of Red Desert free roaming wild horses available online, which is a good thing because very soon none of us will be seeing them live and in person anymore,” writes Wyoming News.

“The Bureau of Land Management is attempting the largest horse roundup in its history – 4,400 head, or all the horses on nearly four million acres of mostly federally managed land near Rock Springs. The cost to the taxpayer will be $4.5 million for the roundup and $171 million to store the horses in holding pens or pastures for life. At the same time the BLM is being pressured to increase the quantity of livestock grazing in this same area.”

Eight-hundred fifty horses will be returned to the desert after the mares have been treated with fertility drugs keeping them from dropping a foal for three to four years. This means the horse herd numbers will continue to decline as deaths exceed births.

What happens to the 3,600 horses the BLM doesn’t return to the Red Desert?

Most will be crammed into a feed-lot like environment for the rest of their lives where the government will pay a private company $5 a day per horse for the rest of their lives, costing the government fifty million dollars or more.

Image: Rocket News


• Wild and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971 »

4 thoughts on “Wild horse wipeout still on the move”

  1. I am thoroughly disgusted by this “land management.” These roundups are an atrocity, the amount of taxpayer money spent is ridiculous and mostly all for the benefit of cattle grazing.

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    1. Exactly. That sums it. But what do you do when an agency like the BLM break federal law and the federal gov’t refuses to enforce it. A photographer was arrested years ago for simply taking pictures of a roundup. This reeks. And it doesn’t matter who is President or which party they are from.


  2. This roundup has to stop. Stop now. These beautiful free spirits should be left alone .so many greedy cruel peoples the world. Stop the roundups now…….

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