NYC carriage horse badly injured in accident

What will it take for the city of New York to get on board with the idea of doing away with the carriage horse trade there? There was recent news of yet another accident.

“A carriage horse in New York City had a terrible accident during their first time pulling a carriage. The operator lost control after something startled the animal, causing the horse to collide with a car,” writes One Green Planet.

The Gothamist reports the grisly scene.

“The incident happened around 5:15 p.m. at the intersection of West 55th Street and Eighth Avenue. An NYPD spokesperson said the horse was pulling the carriage when the animal became startled; the operator lost control, and the horse collided with the back of a parked 2018 BMW sedan.”

“In the aftermath of the collision, the horse became unconscious and fell down. [He] could be seen lying partially on the sidewalk before waking up and violently kicking the car (warning: somewhat graphic video here). The carriage was also partially covered in blood, and broken pieces of it were flung across the pavement.”

“The police confirmed that this was the horse’s first day pulling a carriage in NYC.”

“Police added that the horse suffered lacerations to [his] midsection, head and front right leg; the operator took the horse to Clinton Park Stables. The current condition of the horse is unknown. No one else was injured in the incident.”

“Animal advocacy group New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets (NYCLASS) said in a statement that it was asking the city to remove this particular horse from the streets—they offered to place [the horse] at a sanctuary or farm—and once again called on the city to fast track legislation to stop the use of horse-driven carriages altogether.”


There is a solution. Electrically powered e-carriages. Hello America!

If small countries can accomplish this, why not cities across the the United States for heaven’s sake? Look at our neighbors in Mexico. Mexico’s visionary elected officials are enjoying great success replacing horse drawn carriages with e-carriages.

Got balls?

It begins to look like the US is becoming increasingly impotent in the decision making and problem solving department. Huckster politicians, inept officials and their cohorts can’t seem to get it up anymore. No one likes a limp dick — so the saying goes. You’ve probably heard that before. It’s become an easy jab or insult, shorthand for weakness.

Featured Image: Andrew Lamberson, Wall Street Journal. The image is from February 2016.

The injured horses was repeatedly referred to as “its”. Animals should be referred to as him, her, he, she, they, them etc. Read about it here at TH.


1 thought on “NYC carriage horse badly injured in accident”

  1. It is way past time to free horses from this hideous, abusive industry all across the US not just NY. And there are e-carriages now too. Time to do the right thing plus modernize tourism and free the horses.


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