A horse in slaughter buyer Mike McCarron's trailer in Cleburne, Texas, August, 2019. USA Today.

SAFE Act needs your support

Horse slaughter for human consumption is a grisly, predatory business — and big business. According to Beef Magazine production totals are about 1.6 billion pounds of horse meat annually. “This protein supply annually generates U.S. $1 billion in imports and exports combined,” they write.

Besides the obvious horrors of slaughter for the horses, there is a human element. Horses are not raised, nor are they fit, for human consumption. Throughout their lives they are given drugs that leave residue in their meat, which the federal bill says makes it unsafe for people to eat.

Let’s Get Busy

Food Safety News states, “the congressional option to permanently ban horse slaughter in the United States may finally come to pass. That’s because the Democrats control both ends of Congress and there might also be enough Republicans favoring the ban to push it over the top. Its backers say bipartisan majorities are building for the ban with 2021 passage likely.”

We as defenders of horses must take advantage of this opportunity and not allow this legislation to die on the vine as it has in previous Congresses.

Take Action

At the time of posting, the SAFE Act of 2021 has 119 cosponsors. Let’s double that.

The Save America’s Forgotten Equines (SAFE) Act — H.R.3355 — would permanently ban horse slaughter in the United States and end the export of horses for slaughter.

H.R.3355 was introduced in the the U.S. House on May 19, 2021, by Rep. Jan Schakowsky. It was referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Schakowsky is a Senior Chief Deputy Whip, and Chairwoman of the Consumer Protection and Commerce Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

• If your Representative has yet to cosponsor H.R.3355 please contact them right away and ask that they do so. See cosponsors here.

• If you do not know who your Representative is, go here and enter your zip code in the upper righthand corner. You will see the result on the left. Click the email button below their image to contact them.

• The last group of cosponsors of H.R.3355 was on September 30, 2021. Let’s get busy!

For more on the SAFE Act of 2021, see https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/117/hr3355/summary.

Thank you for coming to the aid and defense of our horses.

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