Wild horse propaganda

Propaganda (def.) — information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

The use of propaganda is a consistent tool to destroy wild horses, and sadly not just in the United States. The Australian government appears to be just as ruthless and deadly.

Nature reports today (11/1/21) that:

“Up to 10,000 feral horses might be killed or removed from Australia’s largest alpine national park under a draft plan to control the rapidly growing population of non-native animals. Scientists have welcomed the idea of removing them, but are alarmed that the plan still allows for thousands to remain, threatening endangered species and habitats.”

“The proposed cull, in Kosciuszko National Park, New South Wales (NSW), contrasts with a ban on lethal control measures in the United States, where large populations of wild horses known as mustangs also cause problems.”

” . . . wild horses known as mustangs also cause problems.”

The powers that be in Washington (Dept of Interior / Bureau of Land Management) use the same stock and trade reason for the deadly roundups — which has never been proven scientifically unless you count the government’s deliberate falsification of the facts as science, whether it is the Yank or Aussie government.

Look at this. Aussie scientists say “Australian plan to cull up to 10,000 wild horses doesn’t go far enough.” What a bloodthirsty bunch. Who pays these guys and why? Because this is NOT accurate science.


Speaking of the word “cull”, it was reported just the other day that the Forest Service plans to cull the Arizona wild horse herd. “The federally protected herd near Heber, Arizona is too big to exist alongside cattle and wildlife and will be reduced from 400 to about 100 horses, the Forest Service says.”

Federally protected. Do they have the least inkling of what that means? They need protecting from the federal government.

Then there is this.

“. . . at least 20 wild horses have been shot in recent years. The U.S. Forest Service, which is leading the investigation, has named no suspects.” This is highly suspicious. It is our opinion that the USFS either knows who murdered these horses or did it themselves.

What is to be done? Can anything be done?

Dedicated wild horse advocates have been working to protect and preserve America’s wild horses and burros since Wild Horse Annie days. It is a shame and a stain on American democracy so-called that federally protected wild horses are being rounded up illegally all across public lands and many, many killed including in foreign slaughterhouses, or corralled endlessly on the taxpayer’s dime. It is quite literally — criminal.

Where do we go from here? Whom do we appeal to? Certainly not the U.S. government. And notice this. It does not matter who the President is or which political party is in control in Washington. The Australian government appears to be similarly disinterested and impotent in this matter.

Wild Horse Annie

Who is Wild Horse Annie?

“‘Wild Horse Annie'” was the nickname of Velma Bronn Johnston (1912–77), who loved mustangs all her life. When she saw mustangs being rounded up and killed to make room for ranchers’ livestock, she knew she had to speak up. In 1950, she began writing letters to local newspapers and politicians, defending the horses’ right to roam free.”

“Many people told Annie to hush up, but they couldn’t stop her. She soon became a voice for mustangs throughout the state of Nevada, speaking on their behalf at town halls and meetings.”

“But Annie was only one person, and she wanted to do more. So she got children to speak up, too, by having them write letters to Washington, D.C. officials to ask them to save the mustangs. Finally, with the help of her young “pencil brigade,” Annie persuaded Congress to pass nationwide laws protecting wild horses and burros on public land nationwide.” Source.

We feel so very sad, and totally useless, impotent, when it comes to America’s wild horses and burros. Mostly we feel ashamed.

Image Source: Undark.orgBattle Over Brumbies.

Tuesday’s Horse

Official Blog of The Fund for Horses

4 thoughts on “Wild horse propaganda”

  1. According to other scientists, the numbers of Alpine brumbies in Australia have been vastly exaggerated and 3,000 is a more accurate number. There is a case for removal or containment in the sensitive areas of the national park however Australia is characterised by a kill mentality so humane methods are disregarded. Previous aerial culling ventures have left horses injured and dying over weeks in a most cruel way. As a result aerial culling was banned by NSW. This park however crosses both NSW and Victoria. Both intend to shoot them. It is a rather self-defeating exercise because leaving horse carcasses around just feeds other animals such as pigs who damage the environment more than the brumbies.

    The situation with brumbies is a political minefield. There is a huge backlash by brumby supporters against culling but it appears to be a positive for both governments who then use their brumby culling as a means of greenwashing. It makes them look like they have green credentials and that they are saving the environment while also being a convenient distraction from their koala killing policies.

    On a related note, we also had a spate of dog deaths and poisonings from pet food produced from brumbies that had eaten a toxic plant called Indigofera. The dogs experienced liver failure and at least 26 died. Brumbies from this area have also been slaughtered for human consumption for years.


  2. I just read an article on the wild horse issue in Australia and the ways in which they are going to be dealing with them including trained shooters or aerial shooting. This article also went on the try and use the term feral instead of wild and made it seem like the horses themselves were the sole reason land was being dedtroyed. It did seem like a one sided article. And also mentioned the wild horse issue in the states. Its very clear articles etc are very biased. I cant say what the right thing to do is, but I know killing them, seperating them from their family social structure and placing them in holding areas for the rest of their lives is not the answer. And why is it that only a couple hundred horses out of the thousands in holding are ever adopted out?


  3. Devastating news about our beautiful brumbies. Many have been fighting for them for years. When I read a media report about it here recently, they said the culling would involve re-homing (that would be a small percentage), euthanasia and some will go to a knackery 😭
    I suspect not much euthanasia but more sent to slaughter for meat money.
    There was even some science evidencing that the presence of the brumbies was of some benefit to the natural environment.
    Ashamed to be an Australian.


    1. The US shares that shame. It is unconscionable what these horse destroyers are doing. No bad deed goes unpunished. Their day of reckoning will come. We would not be in their shoes.


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