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4-yr old filly disappoints Santa Anita by dying

It heinous that racehorse deaths are continuously glossed over, and glossed over they are. It is almost equally heinous that local news outlets are reporting that racehorses are being killed, but occasionally not as many, so we should applaud horse racing for that. The unmitigated gall.

CBS Los Angeles writes:


A 4-year-old filly died from a training injury suffered at Santa Anita Park on the last day of the fall racing season, the California Horse Racing Board announced Tuesday.

Star of Africa was the fourth horse to die from a racing or training injury at Santa Anita Park during the fall season, which began Oct. 1.

She died Sunday, according to CHRB.

Star of Africa had 16 starts and three first-place finishes in her career. She was owned by Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners and trained by Patrick Gallagher. The jockey as of her last start was Abel Cedillo.

In the calendar year 2021, 19 racehorses at Santa Anita have died from racing or training injuries or other causes. The track reported 20 such deaths in 2020.

Those numbers represent an improvement over previous years. The park endured a storm of controversy 2018-19, as 37 horses died in racing or training incidents during one racing season, prompting some animal rights activists to renew their calls for a ban on the sport.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office investigated the deaths, and concluded there was no criminal wrongdoing, but made a series of recommendations aimed at improving safety at California race tracks.

An extensive investigation by CHRB, released in March of 2020, found no evidence of illegal medications or procedures, but determined most of the horses had “pre-existing pathology.”


Sixteen starts. Found no evidence of illegal medications or procedures? Pull the other one. Oh, and by the way, most of the horses had “pre-existing pathology?”

Horseracing Wrongs

Want the truth? Documented truth? Go to Horseracing Wrongs to see all the ways horseracing chews up and spits out the horses they use ultimately ending in their deaths.

There is also this. Let us never forget the horses who racing sends to a terrifying and grisly death in a slaughterhouse as a matter of routine.


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