Giving thanks for horses

Two quotes from poems of thanks, one by the celebrated poet Robert Duncan which many of you know, and one by our staff. Happy Thanksgiving.


“Where in this wide world can men find nobility without pride,

Friendship without envy, or beauty without vanity?

Here, where grace is laced with power and strength tempered by gentleness.

He serves without servility, he has force without enmity.

There is nothing so powerful, nothing less violent.

There is nothing so quick, nothing more patient.

Our pioneers were borne on his back,

Our history is his industry.

We are his heirs and he is our inheritance. . .

The horse.”


Freely they roamed the earth
before falling into human hands.
We harnessed their mighty power
And used them across our lands.

Our world was founded on their backs.
They altered mankind’s course.
Humans have all they possess
Through the grace of the mighty horse.

Updated 28 Nov 2021

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