Cuozzo on new Mayor, old Mayor and carriage horses

New York, New York

As Eric Adams (pictured above) rides to the mayoralty on a wave of unprecedented good will and high expectations, he would do well to heed my 100 percent infallible advice,” writes Steve Cuozzo for the New York Post. For one, he should avoid statements like this:

“On Jan. 1, I will multiply the number of carriage horses in the city and give them their own dedicated lanes on the avenues.”

Ha! It’s unlikely he’d say that, but my point is: Mr. Mayor, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Bill de Blasio’s pledge to ban the horses on “Day One” blew up in his face. His failure to push through what sounded like a simple if unwise diktat haunted his mayoralty for eight years and came to stand for his overall weakness.

Instead, you should signal changes that are within your ability to implement. A mayor’s powers are narrowly circumscribed by state rules and further limited by the far-left City Council, crime-coddling district attorneys, and greedy unions.

But you do control the streets and agencies that report to you — most importantly the NYPD and FDNY and the departments of health, transportation, housing development and homeless services.

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Image: New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaks during a news conference in Brooklyn, York, Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2022. By Seth Wenig/AP.

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In the meantime, Prague will ban the two most popular horse-drawn carriage stands located in the city’s tourist hotspots—Old Town Square and Stromovka Park—by 2023! This progressive move will help overworked horses who are forced to pull heavy carriages for hours on end for the tourism industry.

Horse-drawn carriages make the animals who are pulling the load miserable—they may suffer in harsh weather conditions, get spooked by city traffic, develop respiratory ailments from breathing in exhaust fumes, or develop debilitating leg problems from walking on hard surfaces.

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