Baffert’s motions to stop NYRA disciplinary case denied

We do not like reporting on Baffert, but couldn’t pass this up. The BloodHorse tell us:

The Honorable O. Peter Sherwood has rejected two motions by attorneys representing Bob Baffert intended to stop or delay the New York Racing Association’s Jan. 24 disciplinary hearing with the embattled trainer.

Baffert’s legal team demanded that Sherwood recuse himself from serving as the hearing officer for the meeting and to dismiss the hearing due to a ultra vires act by NYRA. Sherwood, a retired New York State Supreme Court Justice, rejected both motions in a Jan. 19 ruling.

“Recusal is not only unwarranted, but acceding to the demands would impair to the efficient administration of justice,” Sherwood wrote in his ruling. “In arguing for recusal, Baffert has presented no actual definite and articulable reason as to why I cannot fairly and impartially preside over this due process hearing. Rather, he asserts in an entirely speculative manner that I may be conflicted based on the possibility that I may have a pecuniary interest in the outcome of this proceeding. He has presented not a scintilla of evidence to support this speculation. The motion for recusal should be denied if only for this reason.

“Having served on the bench for over 13 years,” he added, “I am quite confident that I can impartially weigh and analyze the facts and law acts and reach a just determination based on the evidence presented.” Read more at »



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