US government plans on capturing, relocating more wild horses than ever before

The Bureau of Land Management also plans on treating more wild horses and burros with fertility control treatments than it ever has before

The federal government plans to capture and relocate more wild horses and burros on federal lands this year than it ever has before.

Earlier this month, the agency announced it would gather at least 22,000 wild horses and burros from overpopulated herds and relocate 19,000 “excess” animals. In addition, the agency plans on treating 2,300 of the animals with “various forms of fertility control” and releasing them back onto public lands by the end of September.

If the agency is successful, this will be the most burros and wild horses it has ever captured or treated with a form of “fertility control” in a single year, marking around a 40 percent increase from last year’s capture numbers and almost double the number of animals given a fertility treatment.

There are several forms of fertility control that the agency uses on wild horses and burros, with the most common being a vaccine called Porcine Zone Pellucida, a nonhormonal treatment that prevents females from getting pregnant for one to two years, according to the BLM.

But the agency also inserts IUD’s into mares, increasingly using another longer-lasting hormonal vaccine called GonaCon-Equine, which conservationists warn can change the horses behavior and disrupt herd dynamics.  

Since the 1970s, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has controlled the country’s wild horse and burro populations by gathering, relocating and administering fertility treatments to thousands of the animals every year.

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3 thoughts on “US government plans on capturing, relocating more wild horses than ever before”

  1. Considering that wild burros are actually beneficial to drought-stricken and/or desert regions (read the science!), and the term “excess population of wild horses” is as usual a false flag meme used by the cattle industry and its unholy partner, the BLM, to redirect or influence the taxpaying public’s attention away from the true issue – welfare ranching – taxpayers who care about horses should be even more unrelenting in opposing this ongoing crime. The beef industry is a major contributor to environmental degradation and the climate crisis, it is welfare ranching that is at the base of this ongoing crime. I was under the impression that the current administration was going to address the issue. I guess I was so very wrong.


  2. BLM’s designs on our wild icons is barbaric especially the new IUDs which has caused a poor mare to hemorrhage and die.The mares cannot be followed and given emergency help if needed. This is an invitation for disaster. Mainly, wild horses are NOT over populated, it’s just rancher/extractor greed driving wild hoses to extinction with our tax dollars funding it.


  3. Our wild horses and burros have been free and doing fine for hundreds of years. They are NOT harmful to the environment. The cattle industry are the only ones who want our horses gone and I want them gone. We have no need for billions and billions more hamburgers. It will cost the USA a lot of money to round up and warehouse all our horses which equates to welfare for the ranchers. Screw them. Leave our horses alone.

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