What happened to the Baffert Kentucky Derby drug hearing?

The Lexington Herald Leader reports:

If you’ve been waiting on pins and needles for an official ruling from the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission in the Medina Spirit drug case, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer.

A hearing originally scheduled for Feb. 7 with Kentucky racing stewards over the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner’s drug positive was postponed, according to Clark Brewster, attorney for trainer Bob Baffert and Zedan Stables, which owned the late racehorse.

Brewster said Thursday that the hearing is now set for 10:30 a.m. Feb. 14 via Zoom. Kentucky regulations mandate that stewards hearings are closed; officials are prohibited from commenting on matters under investigation beforehand.

The ruling will be made public once the decision is official. If Baffert is stripped of the Derby purse and win, he is expected to appeal. Read more »

No Result

Horse Racing Nation reports:

With details of what happened being few and far between, a day-long stewards hearing to decide whether the late Medina Spirit should remain the winner of the 2021 Kentucky Derby came and went Monday with no immediate result.

“We finished,” texted Clark Brewster, the attorney representing Medina Spirit trainer Bob Baffert. “All went very well. We gave them much to consider.”

A spokeswoman for the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission, which conducted the hearing, did not return emails and telephone calls from Horse Racing Nation before and after the meeting seeking information on the hearing, which was held via Zoom and closed to the public.

A spokeswoman for Churchill Downs Inc., which was represented in the hearing by steward Tyler Picklesimer, said she did not have any details about the meeting. Read more »

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3 thoughts on “What happened to the Baffert Kentucky Derby drug hearing?”

    1. Yes indeed Carolyn. They are likely going to give him a pass if they can.

      Horse racing in the US is crooked as hell in our opinion, and especially when it comes to Baffert. They seem not to care at all what a black stain he is on racing. What can you expect from a “business” that abuses, mutilates and kill horses as a matter of routine without an ounce of remorse?

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      1. Pretty crooked here in Australia. The latest in the media here is that the recently retired Commissioner of Police in my state of NSW is being investigated in relation to his non-disclosure of ownership of racehorses and corruption allegations with a co-owner. Now this ‘top cop’ of ours was expected to take up a significant position with our state’s racing commission, namely Racing New South Wales on his retirement. Kevin Anderson our NSW minister for racing has just announced that Mick Fuller will not be taking up a position with Racing NSW.
        Rosy jobs for mates went pear shaped with this one.
        The trainer of his horses, David Van Dyke has been before racing authorities a number of times in relation to doping horses. I met him once and then told by a racing participant what happened with some of his horses quite some years ago – it sent chills up my spine. Legal constraints prevent me from disclosing. Those poor poor horses and the stable dog.


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