Suspicions continue in the case and death of Medina Spirit

WLKY reports the following on 14th Feb, 2022:

Nine months after Medina Spirit won the 2021 Kentucky Derby, the outcome of the race is in the hands of the stewards.

Kentucky racing officials are now deciding on the fate of Medina Spirit after a positive post-race drug test. It all hinges on the way the rule is written.

In Kentucky racing rules, the drug betamethasone is barred if it’s injected. Trainer Bob Baffert argues in this case, it was topical and there is no violation.

Baffert and his lawyers, including Craig Robertson, made their case to three stewards Monday in Lexington. That included presenting evidence the drug used was topical — with medical experts to back them up.

Robertson said the Baffert team is cautiously optimistic the three stewards will rule in their favor. It takes a simple majority in a vote by them to make a decision.

* * *

Medical experts to “back them up”. What a farce. Where were they in previous hearings? Perhaps we missed that bit.

Of course Medina Spirit’s connections are going to continue to fight to the bitter end for the horse’s victory in the Kentucky Derby including of course the prize money. There is also the prestige — in this case in a most vulgar sort of way. The horse is dead. That will not trouble these individuals in our opinion.

The horse is dead

In the meantime, notice they do not mention that the horse is dead. Not only is Medina Spirit dead — he dropped dead one morning while breezing. Breezing? The opinions on exactly how and why this poor horse literally dropped dead in his tracks — are mixed. What would make a healthy or even semi-healthy horse collapse and die even if he had been “galloped out”?

It is all highly, sickeningly suspicious. But it doesn’t matter a goddamn.

The horse was reportedly insured for $50 Million. Who knows? If Baffert and the horse’s connections can get a Kentucky Derby victory in the books, there will be some money in that, and they will have the insurance money — however many millions that turns out to be.

In the meantime . . . . remember. This is no ordinary story. Poor Medina Spirit was in the power of the suspiciously notorious Bob Baffert. What did or did not happen to Medina Spirit will never likely be known. There is little doubt in our minds that this is exactly the way “they” — whomever “they” are — wish it will be. And it is giving every appearance they will have it exactly that way.

Forbes have done a very good job on this story. It is entitled “Kentucky Derby Winner Spirit Dies Amid Doping.” It was published the first week of December, last. You can read or listen (3 minutes). If you have not been following this tragic tale, it is a good way to catch up, or freshen your memory.

God bless Medina Spirit.

FEATURED IMAGE. Creator: Rob Carr. Credit: Getty Images.
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4 thoughts on “Suspicions continue in the case and death of Medina Spirit”

  1. Amongst the suspicions and mysteries surrounding this poor stallion, I agree with TH, that we’ll probably never know the “real answers” to the doping used on Medina Spirit and cause of his death. And all this by the tender age of THREE and A HALF??? (By the way, I’ve never heard of “breezing.” What does it mean?)


    1. A breeze is a light gallop. It is an English term perhaps not used in the US. Mrs Farrell was a racing photographer in England. You breeze a horse to get the blood circulating and stretch out their legs.


  2. It is all so corrupt from where we sit. We will never know the truth because horse racing seems incapable of telling the truth. No matter what they report about the death of Medina Spirit then or now, who can believe them?

    Medina Spirit was foaled April 5, 2018. He died December 6, 2021 at Santa Anita Park, California. God Rest Medina Spirit. — TH

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  3. I read that Medina Spirit was cremated. However, I also read that hair samples were taken the day he died and I believe are in the possession of the CHRB who apparently did tests on the hair samples the results of which I don’t think were made public.
    Clearly, an independent testing needs to be done on those hair samples and made public.

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