Baffert fighting 90 day suspension

Sorry, but we just cannot seem to get rid of Bob Baffert, even for a little while. Predictably, Baffert is fighting to have his recent 90-day suspension set aside. It is “destroying his business.”

Poor thing.

Horse Racing Nation reports, “Trainer Bob Baffert and his legal team requested an injunction in Franklin Circuit Court on Monday to set aside his 90-day suspension. The filing painted a dire picture of the trainer’s prospects if a stay were not granted.”

We are all tearscrocodile tears of course.

The filing came after the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission denied Baffert’s request for a stay on Friday. According to a Franklin Circuit Court clerk, judge Thomas Wingate will hear the case Wednesday.

“The suspension, set to begin on March 8 and run through the Triple Crown series to June 5, was handed down last Monday by the state’s stewards who also levied a $7,500 fine against Baffert and disqualified the late Medina Spirit from his 2021 Kentucky Derby win. Such suspensions are routinely honored in other racing states and countries,” adds Horse Racing Nation.

Horse Racing Nation points out, “Given the unique nature of the industry, any prolonged suspension of Baffert will also have the effect of destroying his business for a period of time much larger than the suspension itself,” the filing obtained by Horse Racing Nation read. “Most directly, in California – where Baffert is based – any suspension over 60 days will require him to vacate his barns and remove his signage, effectively putting him out of business.”

Let us say that the above happens – that Baffert is put out of business. How will that impact horse racing, if at all?

Racehorse doping and abuse runs the whole gamut of the so-called sport, from cheap claimers to million dollar runners. Baffert just happens to be the poster boy of racehorse doping in America. Getting rid of him changes nothing. But we will be glad to see him go all the same.

Racing abuses, dopes and kills horses. See racehorse deaths listed here.

Federal ban update

We were beginning to gain a bit of traction on the Hill in Washington DC on outlawing horse racing across the US. It was agreed that it needs doing at the federal level for a numbers of reasons — the most pertinent being that there is such a patchwork of States conducting varying types and levels of horse racing, plus the issue of paid off local officials and lawmakers protecting its interests.

With world security at risk, this is hardly the time to press forward. We will keep you updated and pick it up again when we can. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Baffert fighting 90 day suspension”

  1. I hope that Bob Baffert and his legal team will be forced to reveal to the Franklin Circuit Court that his business involves destroying horses. There’s a truckload of evidence of mistreatment to horses in the running and conduct of his despicable business over many, many years. He should be found not to be a fit and proper person to conduct his business in the horseracing industry and banned for life.

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    1. It’s common knowledge that any person has the right to appeal a ruling/decision.
      However, this ruling is not unfair as you allege.
      Bob Baffert has a notorious history of the mistreatment of horses in the conduct of his horse training business. Such history has been legally documented (much of which is available to the public) by certain racing authorities, entities and the like.
      Needless to say, the horseracing industry is sustained by the public and governments and any wrongdoings are to be investigated and those responsible brought to account and punished.
      If only these poor horses could speak.

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  2. All those millions collected off the backs and deaths of these magnificent animals over the years not enough for you, you greedy SOB?

    Time to hang up the reins Baffy.


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