Ukraine horses in the news

There is not much news about horses in the Ukraine, but we did find a bit.

Support for Ukraine equestrian community

A FEI Solidarity relief fund of 1 million Swiss Francs (£813,760) is being allocated to help the equestrian community in Ukraine. The FEI is liaising closely with the Ukrainian federation and neighbouring countries to facilitate and coordinate logistical support as well as the financial aid.

Image by Brendan Hoffman.

It is also freezing all FEI Solidarity and development activities and plans to cancel or relocate, where possible, FEI courses for officials scheduled to be held in Russia and Belarus in 2022.

The International Federation for Equestrian Sports is the international governing body of equestrian sports. The FEI headquarters are in Lausanne, Switzerland. An FEI code of conduct protects the welfare of the horses from physical abuse or doping.

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Chernobyl wild horses

Wildlife has thrived within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in the absence of humans. Thick forests grew up and attracted lynx, bison, deer and other animals. Wolves and Przewalski’s horses, animals that neared extinction from over-hunting and land use practices, were reintroduced, and have been thriving.

Creator: SERGEI SUPINSKY | Credit: AFP

The prospect of armies bringing heavy equipment, including tanks, through an ecosystem that remains highly contaminated in some places is not good. There have already been reports of spikes in radiation readings, possibly from the heavy military vehicles churning up contaminated soil.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said on Feb. 25 that the readings are low and don’t pose a danger to the public. Still, with heavy fighting nearby, there’s always the danger of an accidental strike on the concrete shelter that contains the radiation still leaking from the reactor core. Source: The Conversation »

Featured Image: Herd of Przewalski horses inside Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine. Sept. 2016 by Luke Massey.

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3 thoughts on “Ukraine horses in the news”

  1. Wonder if perhaps Tuesdays Horse with its connections among the equine industry here and abroad could post some information about horses being rescued or evacuated in the midst of war and whether there are equine sanctuaries now under threat from the invasion. Unfortunately the Ukraine-based pet rescues only have information on their websites or on Fb in Ukrainian, not in English and few actually are able to update websites or their Fb pages probably because of internet issues caused by bombing. Many of us would like to try to help the animal situation there, somehow, but have no idea where or how to donate. IFAW doesn’t even provide current information on its website about conditions in Ukraine or how to help if help is indeed possible in these horrible circumstances. There was some mainstream media information that quarantine and paperwork requirements were at least for the time being suspended for those fleeing across the border with pets, heading for Poland, Romania, and other countries.But there’s just very little about trying to save or evacuate horses.

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