Three Heber Wild Horses.

USFS steps up effort to catch Heber wild horse killers

 Law Enforcement agents with the US Forest Service have maintained a visible presence along primitive roads in the area where someone or some people have shot and killed dozens of wild horses over the past four years. That is according to a group of advocates for the horses, who also patrol the roads in the area in an effort to protect the horses.

“I think they’re taking it seriously,” said Betty Nixon, who is one of the women who spend days and nights searching for the killer.

“I’m listening for any sounds – gunshots. I’m listening for gunshots,” said Nixon, as she drove through the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest on a recent Monday night, as the full moon was rising on the horizon.

Several of the killings took place under a full moon or before a snowstorm. The latest occurred at the end of December.

Nixon and her fellow horse advocates have counted 40 dead horses since the shootings began, although the Forest Service reports the official count as under 30. The Heber Wild Horses are protected by federal law. Source »

Heber Wild Horse. iStock image.
Heber Wild Horse. iStock image.

In the meantime, the Heber Wild Horses group asks this big question on their website: What happened to the reward money raised in 2019?

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1 thought on “USFS steps up effort to catch Heber wild horse killers”

  1. So the USFS hunts down people who kill wild horses while the BLM brutalizes and kills wild horses? Astounding isn’t it? Which animals of the same species that one government agency considers worthy of ‘justice’ and another government agency considers expendable. Maybe the USFS concern for those wild horses isn’t driven by the BLM being under the thumb of cattle ranchers?

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