Famed Stallions Cornet Obolensky and Comme Il Faut 5 Evacuating Ukraine

The Chronicle of the Horse reports:

After a tense few weeks since the Russian invasion of Ukraine during which former five-star show jumpers and world renowned stallions Cornet Obolensky and Comme Il Faut 5 were trapped inside the country, the two horses were loaded up today, March 9, to evacuate.

The pair had been standing at Coronet Obolensky’s longtime home base, Zhashkov Stud Farm in Zhashkov, Ukraine, about 95 miles away from the war-torn capital Kyiv. Martijn Peters, owner of Dutch company Horse Flight Operations, reported Wednesday that the horses had made it safely to the Ukrainian border and are waiting to cross.

Coronet Obolensky. Image: The Stallion Company

Thousands of horses and humans are trapped inside Ukraine, with fuel in short supply, evacuation routes jammed and some reportedly coming under fire from Russian forces. On social media, horse owners have posted about turning their horses loose in hopes that will help their chances of survival as supplies dwindle and shells land nearby.

As of March 6, only horses with European Union papers are allowed to cross the border into Poland. But the European Equestrian Federation is working with the Ukrainian Equestrian Federation, which estimates the country to be home to about 100,000 domestic horses, to provide much needed hay, feed and sawdust to stables as they face critically low supplies. The EEF is processing such donations at a logistics hub in Poland. More information on how to help the horses in Ukraine can be found at helpukrainehorses.eu.

Featured Image: Comme Il Faut 5 (Getty Images)

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1 thought on “Famed Stallions Cornet Obolensky and Comme Il Faut 5 Evacuating Ukraine”

  1. So worried about horses (and other livestock) trapped in Ukraine right now! Especially those that aren’t used for competitive purpose…and there’s really no way of knowing what is happening with them.


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