Wild horse helicopter roundup. National Geographic.

BLM to hold hearing on helicopter usage to capture wild horses

KLAS-TV, CH 8 LAS VEGAS reports:

In a recent interview, Congresswoman Dina Titus first shared with the 8 News Now I-Team she wanted to eliminate helicopters during the capturing of wild horses.

The I-Team first released a video of contractors hired by the Bureau of Land Management, using a helicopter to chase a horse with a broken leg that took place in January.

“But the roundups with helicopters are the worst. You saw the pictures from the most recent one at the Pancake area near Ely, where they chased that little colt till he just ran down, and then they had to shoot him. What purpose does that serve?” Titus expressed. “So we need to find another method, and the first thing we can do is get rid of, outlaw ban those helicopters,” Titus added.

Laura Leigh of advocacy group Wild Horse Education says she is hoping more members of the public will speak against the BLM’s actions and she wants the BLM to take concerns seriously.

Leigh provided the I-Team with the wild horse roundup video and says she will continue to expose mistreatment such as that incident.

“So that people can see it with their own eyes and see how urgently change is needed,” Leigh added.

According to Congresswoman Titus, the contractors the BLM hires to capture the horses get about $500 to $800 dollars per horse. 

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